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Medical Nanotechnology

This course is open to students having a degree in the sciences especially in Bioinformatics, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Statistics, but also in Biology, Biotechnology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary.
It aims to train researchers in the field of the Nanotechnologies and their applications in Biomedicine, with a focus on innovative approaches to develop new diagnostics and therapeutic tools.

Research Topics: 
Cell Arrays
Micro and Nanopatterning
Drug delivery
Hybrid Bio/Artificial Interfaces
Imaging technologies
Single molecule interactions
Microarrays and Biochips
Research Center: 
Interdisciplinary Centre for Nanostructured Materials and Interfaces (CIMaINa)
Taught courses: 
Courses will cover general molecular and cellular biology topics and specialized topics such as Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured materials, Micro and Nano Fabrication, Advanced Scanning Probe Microscopies, Nanosensors and devices, Biocompatible materials, and will allow students to have hands-on experience with nano-sensors, biochips and robotics. Complementary skills are also honed through courses on how to give oral and poster presentations, and scientific writing.