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PhD networking day


3rd PhD Networking day - 9-10 January 2020, IFOM-IEO Campus - Milan

The days are organized BY students FOR students.

The 2020 PhD Networking Days will offer an amazing opportunity for PhD students to present their research, network with fellow students, identify non-canonical career paths, learn about and participate in dissemination of science to the public, and even win some exciting prizes. This year's PhD Networking Days will entail

  • Student Talk series
  • Poster Presentations on three broad topics
  • Speakers from accademia and biotech accelerator
  • 1 workshop on transferable skills
  • Coffee/Lunch with Speakers
  • Social activities

SEMM will offer up to 3 best posters' prizes (300 euros)  and 1 best talk's prize (300 euros).

Evaluation criteria: Posters and the best talk will be selected by a board of senior post docs and faculty members.
Evaluation criteria for best posters: Quality of the abstract,  Clarity and brevity of the poster,  Poster layout, Understanding of the project presented in the poster, Quality of the data/figures.
Evaluation criteria for best talk: Technical content, Organization and quality of the presentation, Verbal presentation, Time management, Dscussion level

Award of the prizes: Students will receive a certificate of prize award and an Amazon voucher of 300 euros.

Alessia Di Lillo, Daniel Fernandez Perez, Bianca Giuliani, Federica Greco, Ludovico Rizzuti, Ilaria Rosso, Chaithra Sanjeevamurthy

In collaboration with: University of Milan, Open University

The program will soon be available

Participation is open only to all SEMM PhD students and Open and Galway universities students working at IFOM