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Post Doc FAQ

How can I enter the SEMM international post doc program?
The only way to be admitted to the SEMM international post doc program is to take part in the selections.
Are there post doc positions at the host institutions outside the program?
Post doc positions outside the program can be available throughout the year at the host institutions. Positions are usually announced on the host institutions' website. Interested candidates should contact the relevant group leader or the contact person indicated in the ad.
What academic title is required to apply to the post doc program?
The required academic title is a Ph.D.
I already have postdoctoral training. Am I eligible to apply?
You are welcome to apply to our post doc program, provided that your Ph.D. was awarded no more than five years prior to the application date.
What degree should I hold to apply to the SEMM international post doc program?
The minimum requirement to apply to the SEMM international post doc program is a Ph.D. in a scientific area, awarded no more than five years prior to the application date.
Are Non-European candidates eligible to apply to the SEMM International Post doc Program?
There are no citizenship restrictions for admission to the SEMM post doc program.
Is there any age limit for taking part in the selection?
There is no age limit, but your Ph.D. must have been awarded no more than five years prior to the application date.
I was awarded my Ph.D. 5 years ago; will you take into account a career break due to maternity leave, in order to make me eligible?
Yes, women with children can claim one additional year per child (up to a maximum of three years).
I will receive my degree in the next weeks/months. Am I eligible to apply?
You can apply even if you have not yet received your Ph.D. degree, provided that you are graduating within two months of your application.
Shall I contact group leaders before submitting my application?
For a better choice of the group leader of interest to be indicated in the application form, the candidate is encouraged to contact the group leaders with open positions before submitting the application, to explore common research interests and a possible match. The list of group leaders offering a position is available in the application page of the SEMM web site.
How can I submit my application?
The online application system is active only when open positions are made available by the host institutions. To apply just reach the application area and follow the given instructions.
How can I provide the reference letters?
The reference letters must be submitted through an online system by the referees themselves: during the application process, you are required to provide the email address of your referees (upon their approval), who will then receive an automatic email with the instructions for the reference submission. It is applicant's responsibility to ensure that the referees send the letters.
Can I contact the group leader in order to write the requested research project proposal?
Yes, you should contact your preferred group leader directly, in order to obtain a bibliography and information relevant to the project to be written.
How long will I have to write the project?
You will be given 2 weeks to write the project.
Will there be interviews with group leaders?
Yes, when candidates come for their oral examination, interviews with group leaders will be scheduled, based on candidates' and group leaders' availability.
Is there any fellowship/stipend for international post docs?
All post docs enrolled in the program will receive a fellowship, regardless of their nationality.
Is it possible to have a skype interview?
Skype interviews are not foreseen. However, the committee might consider this possibility, if there are special needs.
Is there a template of the application form?
An example of the application form is available on our website. You will find the main information for application outlined in this document.
Must I know Italian to take part in the selection?
The official language of the School and the program is English. Therefore, selection and training activities are held in English.
When does the program start?
Within approximately 3 months from the closing of the call, successful candidates will be invited to sign an acceptance letter. They will be given a maximum of 6 months from the signature date to relocate to the host laboratory.
Are there any tuition fees to be paid?
No, tuition fees are not foreseen
You haven't received the registration email to proceed with the application?
Wait a little bit. Sometimes there can be delays in the email delivery. The email you inserted might not be correct. In this case a message appears: "Your email address is not valid". Restart the procedure. If nothing works, contact
The link included in the registration email doesn't work?
Try to copy and paste the address in the address bar. If nothing works, contact
The system doesn't allow you to submit the application form?
Be sure you have filled out all the mandatory fields (they are marked with a *). See the example as reference
You haven't received the confirmation email?
Wait a little bit. Sometimes there can be delays in the email delivery. When you successfully submit an application form, a message appears confirming this. If you don't see this message, your application is still pending: access it and complete the missing information. If nothing works, contact and we will send you the confirmation email.
After submission of your application form, you are not able to login?
Be sure that you inserted the password correctly. The session is expired. Quit the browser (Firefox, Explorer, etc) and start again. Insert your email address in the login section without password: a message will be displayed that allows to ask for a new password.
The referees didn't receive the reference request email?
The referee should check that the email has not been delivered to the spam folder. The email address you inserted is not correct: contact and communicate the correct one.