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In the last 5 years, 30 post docs were enrolled in the program.

They come from 11 different countries: France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, The Netherlands, and Turkey.

Here are some of their profiles and comments on the program.


Giusi Caldieri, Italy

"IFOM represents a stimulating research environment, encompassing multidisciplinary area and technological services. These qualities, together with the multiple training activities and benefits offered within the SIPOD program, provide a unique chance of a high-level professional growth."

Present laboratory and current project
IFOM, Pier Paolo Di Fiore group (Endocytosis, Signalling and Cancer)

Marija Mihailovic, Serbia

"As a member of SIPOD (Structured International Post Doc program) I have an opportunity to participate to various additional training such as: grants writing and management, team leading and group organization, translational research and clinical trials etc., which, in addition to a good scientific environment, will allow me to boost my career toward an independent research career".

Present laboratory and current project
IEO, Tiziana Bonaldi group (Proteomics)

M.Vittoria Falzacappa, Italy

"IEO is an open collaborative environment that fosters interactions between different groups, different backgrounds and different areas of expertise in order to advance Science and Cancer research."

Present laboratory and current project
IEO, Pier Giuseppe Pelicci group (Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer)

Antonio Inforzato, Italy

"I'm delighted to be enrolled into the SIPOD post doc program as I have the opportunity to work in a stimulating and sparkling environment with excellent training and scientific support from SIPOD. I truly believe this will be of great help for my career!"

Present laboratory and current project
Humanitas (Immunopharmacology)

Takuya Abe, Japan

"I think the most notable point of IFOM is the good circumstance and services that helps our research life. The institute is always kept clean, beautiful and fully secure all day and night. With this condition, we can focus on our research."

Present laboratory and current project
IFOM, Dana Branzei group (DNA repair)