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How can I enter the SEMM PhD program?
To be admitted to the PhD program the only way is to take part to the selections.
What academic title is required for the application to the PhD?
The required academic title is a second level degree: master or equivalent.
I have already a PhD. May I apply as well?
Yes, you can apply to our PhD program.
What degree should I hold to apply to the PhD program?
To apply to the PhD program, you should hold a scientific academic degree (Master or equivalent).
Are Non-European candidates eligible to apply to the PhD program?
Candidates of any nationality are eligible to apply to the SEMM PhD program.
I graduated in a country other than Italy. What kind of documents do I need to present?
At the time of the enrollment, students are asked to provide the translation of their academic degree, along with the "dichiarazione di valore in loco", a declaration of equal value of the degree, issued by the Italian Embassy. These documents can be replaced by the Diploma Supplement, if you graduated in a University of a European country which releases it.
Is there any age limit for taking part in the selection?
There is no age limit; nevertheless the program is tailored on young graduates training needs.
I will receive my degree after the call deadline. May I apply as well?
You can apply even if you don't have the degree yet, provided that you take the degree by 31 October of the same year.
When is the selection called?
The selection is called every year usually in May, the deadline for submission is July and the examination for admission is in September.
How can I submit my application?
Applications can be submitted only online, through a system that will be available at the time of the application. You will be asked to register and to fill out the application form, attaching the requested documents.
Should I provide reference letters?
Your application is completed with two reference letters, that must be submitted through an online system by the referees themselves: during the application process, you are required to provide the email address of your referees (upon their approval), who will then receive an automatic email with the instructions for the reference submission.
Is a minimum level of English required?
Yes, a minimum B2 level is required, that must be properly certified. The certification must be provided at the time of the registration at the University, if admitted to the PhD program.
SEMM offers 4 curricula in the PhD program. May I apply to more than one?
No, each applicant can submit the application for one curriculum only; second applications will be automatically discarded.
How does the pre-selection take place?
After the deadline, the Examination Board pre-selects a restricted number of candidates, based on the information provided in the application form and in the reference letters. Pre-selected candidates will be invited to Milan for the selection process.
Are interviews with group leaders foreseen?
Yes, during the selection days, interviews with group leaders will be scheduled, based on candidates' and group leaders' indications.
Is it possible to hold a Skype examination?
No Skype examination is foreseen for our PhD program.
Is there any template of the application form?
On the website a template of the application form is available at the time of the call.
I am a German-speaking student. Must I know Italian to take part in the selection?
You don't need to know Italian, since the working language of the School is English, whose knowledge must be properly certified at the time of the application.
When does the program start?
The program starts in October of each year.