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Admission to the program is granted on a competitive basis and is achieved through the procedures described below.


Right after the deadline a pre-selection will take place. The pre-selection is based on the information included in the application form and in the reference letters submitted. Candidates with excellent academic records, previous research experience related to the main topics of the program and experience abroad are preferred. Candidates with the best scores are shortlisted and invited for the examination in Milan.


It consists of:

  • a multiple-choice test including 60 questions: 40 questions will mainly cover  biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, genetics and topics related to the specific subject of the chosen program, 20 will be logical reasoning questions.
  • an oral exam aimed to evaluate the scientific background of the candidates, as well as their motivation to succeed in a demanding program.

The examination will be only held in Milan. No examination centers in other countries or Skype examination are foreseen.


Personal interviews with the group leaders that offer a position are foreseen after the oral examination.

Suggested books to get prepared for the multiple-choice test:

  • General Biology: Arms & Camp "Biology" or similar (suggested for candidates with a philosophical or computational background)
  • Biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, genetics questions: B. Alberts "Molecular Biology of the Cell" or B. Lewin "Genes X", or similar
  • Logic questions: any book with logical reasoning questions such as the ones suggested for admission to medical schools