E-mail: federico.boem [AT] ieo.eu

Areas of specialisation: Philosophy of biomedical research, philosophy of bioinformatics

Research interest: Philosophy of Biology and Bioinformatics, Semantic Modeling, Sociology of Biomedicine, Science Policy


  • 2015 - Phd in Foundations of the Life Sciences and their Ethical Consequences
    Internal supervisors: Giovanni Boniolo and Gioacchino Natoli (IEO), External supervisor: Paola Roncaglia (EBI, UK)
  • 2011 - MA History and Philosophy of Biology, University of Exeter
  • 2009 - Laurea in Filosofia (course: Logic and Philosophy of Science), University of Florence

Lab experience

  • Giuliana Pelicci’s group - Biology and signal transduction of normal and cancer neural stem cells.
    - Theoretical work on the notion of stemness.
    - Practical experience of Western blot tecnique (under the supervision of dr. Daniela Osti).
  • Gioacchino Natoli's group - Transcriptional control in inflammation and cancer
    - PCR
    - Transfection
    - ChIP-seq
    - Elements of R programming
    - Gene Ontology enrichment analysis


  • Junk or Functional DNA? ENCODE and the Function Controversy’ (with Pierre-Luc Germain and Emanuele Ratti). Biology & Philosophy doi: 10.1007/s10539-014-9441-3
  • ‘Diverse Perspectives on Ontology’ (with Emilio Sanfilippo, Francesca Quattri, Aleksandra Sojic, Emanuele Ratti, Gaoussou Camara and Erik Chuck). Applied Ontology 8(8), 59-71, doi:10.3233/AO-130121
  • ‘Ontological Issues in the Life Sciences’ (with James DiFrisco, Gaëlle Pontarotti, Guillaume Schlaepfer, Ewelina Sokolowska, and Eva Fernández-Labandera). Biological Theory, doi:1007/s13752-015-0207-1
  • ‘Stratification and Biomedicine: How Philosophy Stems from Medicine and Biotechnology’ (with Giovanni Boniolo and Zsuzsa Pavelka) in The Future of Scientific Practice (edited by Marta Bertolaso), Pickering & Chatto
  • ‘Dalla filosofia della biologia alla filosofia dalla biologia’ in Vivi perché diversi (edited by Elena Gagliasso), ETS edizioni
  • Elementi per una genetica forense, (co-edited with Luca Marelli), Mondadori,

Posters and presentations:

  1. "Defining life?" - presentation at the conference "Materia e materia vivente", 2012  University of Florence,
  2. "What is stemness?" - at the international conference of the German Society for Philosophy of Science/Gesellschaft für Wissenschaftsphilosophie (GWP), 11-14 March 2013 - University of Hannover
  3. "The gene after encode: a Wittgensteinian approach" - at the ISHPSSB, 7-12 July 2013 - University of Montpellier III
  4. "Models in bioinformatics - GO a representation of what?" - at EPSA conference, 28-31 August 2013 - University of Helsinki

Other experiences:

  • 2012 - Summer School in Ontological Analysis, IAOA, University of Trento
  • 2010 - Natural History Museum of the University of Florence, working on collection