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Computational Biology Positions






CALVIELLO Human Technopole 2

1) An integrative analysis framework between RNA synthesis and decay.

2) RNP dynamics along the mRNA in normal and mis-regulated translation.

CARNINCI Human Technopole 1 Regulation of chromatin activity by interactome with non-coding RNA classes
DAVILA-VELDERRAIN Human Technopole 1 Deciphering patterns of genetic convergence disrupting human brain development via integrative single-cell multi-omics
DERENZINI IEO 1 Novel treatment strategies based on synthetic lethalities in difficult to treat hematologic malignancies
IORIO Human Technopole 1 Delineating the landscape of glioblastoma vulnerabilities from the analysis of single-cell omics and Cancer Dependency Map data
MINUCCI IEO 1 The dynamics of the epigenome and adaptation to therapy
NICASSIO IIT 1 * Transcriptional and Epigenetic mechanisms provided by Noncoding RNAs in human cancer
PASINI IEO 1 Role of chromatin remodelling activities in adult tissue homeostasis

Transcriptional ‘lineage tracing’ analyses of human cancer to study metastatic progression and drug-resistance


Development of artificial intelligence for multi-parametric MRI of prostate

Three-dimensional prostate model use and augmented-reality during robot-assisted radical prostatectomy

SEGATA IEO 1 * Healthy aging and the human microbiome
SORANZO Human Technopole 1 Cardiometabolic risk in an Italian population
SOSKIC Human Technopole 1 Molecular and genetic control of T cell - B cell interaction and antibody production
SOTTORIVA Human Technopole 1 Computational Methods for Single-Cell Cancer Evolution
TESTA IEO 1 Deep learning approaches to data integration and multi-omic lineage tracing in ovarian cancer


* Please note: the position related to this project can be assigned either to the molecular oncology or computational biology curriculum, depending on the background of the successful candidate.