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Molecular Oncology Positions






ABRIGNANI INGM 1 Dissecting the epigenetic role of Transposable Elements in tumor infiltrating lymphocytes
ALCALAY IEO 1 Evaluation of the risk of secondary leukemias in cancer survivors
AMATI IEO 1 Combinatorial targeting of MYC- and BCL2-driven lymphoma

Amyloids as new components of tumor microenvironment


Epi-proteomics approach to investigate the role of protein-post translational modifications in tumorigenesis, chemoresistance and latency

Exploring the link between arginine-methylation and lipid metabolism as therapeutic target for hypoxic ovarian cancer

CASAÑAL Human Technopole 1 Molecular Mechanisms of mRNA Modifying Machines
CHIOCCA IEO 1 The Epigenetics of Head and Neck Cancer
COSCIA Human Technopole 1 Structural and functional characterisation of thyroid proteins involved in cancer, autoimmunity and hormone synthesis defects

1) Understanding how vertebrate stem cells maintain genome stability

2) Exploring the links between cancer and stem cells

D'ADDA DI FAGAGNA IFOM 1 Aging as a telomere biology disorder
DI FIORE IEO 1 Molecular and structural investigation of the p53 regulatory pathway mediated by the numb isoforms
ERDMANN Human Technopole 1 Modelling bacterial and viral infections in organoids using cryo-electron tomography
HARSCHNITZ Human Technopole 2

1. The Development of a Novel Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Based Organoid System to Study Host-Virus interactions in the Central Nervous System

2. Dissection of Acute and Chronic Pathology in Autoimmune Encephalitis Using a Highly Defined Human Stem Cell-Derived Co-Culture System

KALEBIC Human Technopole 1 Morphology of neural progenitor cells in brain development and neurodevelopmental disorders
LONGO IFOM 2 Nutrition based methods to identify and enhance targeted cancer therapies
MASTROBERARDINO IFOM 1 Transcription stress and metabolic redesign in rare DNA Repair disorders

1. Impact of systemic metabolism antitumoral immunity

2. Genetic and biophysical determinants of breast cancer metastasis and sensitivity to novel drugs

MINUCCI IEO 1 The intersection of metabolic adaptations of tumor cells and the regulation of the epigenome
NATOLI IEO 1 Characterization of genomic regulatory elements in myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and secondary acute myeloid leukemia (sAML)
NICASSIO IIT 1 * Transcriptional and Epigenetic mechanisms provided by Noncoding RNAs in human cancer
PASINI IEO 1 Mechanistic understanding of Polycomb-mediated regulation of transcriptional identity in oncogenesis

Single-cell mutational and transcriptional tracing during metastatic progression

SEGATA IEO 1 * Healthy aging and the human microbiome
TAVERNA Human Technopole 1 Studying the role of intracellular traffic in brain development using cell biology and robotics
TESTA Human Technopole 2

1) Neurodevelopmental and intergenerational impact of endocrine disruptors

2) Human brain evolution through the lens of neurodevelopmental disorders 

VANNINI Human Technopole 1 Studying architectural proteins of the human genome by cryo-EM


* Please note: this position can be assigned either to the molecular oncology or computational biology curriculum, depending on the background of the successful candidate.