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Research projects available at TIGEM

The following are the research projects available at TIGEM for the PhD students:

Alberto Auricchio

  • Study of Ezrin\TSC\mTORC1 pathway in retina: a new therapeutic target to treat retinal degeneration (under the co-supervision of Ivan Conte)
  • AAV-mediated genome editing for therapy of inherited blindness and of lysosomal storage diseases

Andrea Ballabio

  • Elucidating the mechanisms underlying kidney cystogenesis and tumorigenesis

Sandro Banfi

  • Study of the role of microRNA in hereditary retinal diseases

Nicola Brunetti Pierri

  • Development of novel therapies for inborn errors of metabolism

Davide Cacchiarelli

  • Cloud computing for high-throughput genomics applications

Antonella De Matteis

  • Tracking the intracellular trafficking pathways of structural proteins of SARS-COVs
  • Kidney Organoids for the Modeling of inherited renal diseases (under the co-supervision of Leopoldo Staiano)

Diego di Bernardo

  • A quantitative biology approach to the elucidation of Integrated Stress Response dynamics in mammalian cells

Alessandro Fraldi

  • Understanding and treating neurodegeneration in lysosomal storage diseases

Brunella Franco

  • One gene several diseases: why and how?
  • Can down regulation of miR181 be beneficial in Friedreich Ataxia?Dissection of a novel cell death pathway

Luis JV Galietta

  • Functional and molecular characterization of the channelome in human airway epithelial cells

Paolo Grumati

  • Role of ER-phagy in hereditary sensory neuropathies

Diego Medina

  • Investigation of the role of tmem175 in lysosomal and autophagic pathways

Pasquale Piccolo

  • Genome editing based therapy for the treatment of Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis

Carmine Settembre

  • Cargo-specific lysosomal response controls collagen homeostasis and skeletal growth