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Role of IL-10 producing regulatory T-cells in colorectal cancer - Geginat

Role of IL-10 producing regulatory T-cells in cancer


We previously studied regulatory T-cells that produce high levels of IL-10 (“Tr1”) in autoimmune diseases and colitis. IL-10 is a multifaceted cytokine that could have different roles in cancer. In melanoma it could inhibit an efficient anti-cancer immune response, and it was reported to induce directly the growth of melanoma cells. On the opposite, IL-10 inhibits intestinal Th17 responses and could thus inhibit inflammation-driven tumor progression in colon cancer. To understand how Tr1 cells could be targeted by therapies, in this project we will analyse the role of IL-10+ regulatory and helper T-cells in melanoma and colorectal cancer in patients and, thanks to the collaboration with F. Grassi group at the IRB in Bellinzona, in murine mouse models. The successful candidate will exploit multi-dimensional flow cytometry in combination with immunoassays and molecular techniques to analyze tumor-infiltrating T-cells.

This project will be done in collaboration with F. Grassi at the IRB in Bellinzona.