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University Procedures

Any form needed for the procedures described below is available on the University website at the following address:
Moreover, the University has its own online system (SIFA Online), through which you can ask certificates, renew your registration, etc.
The SIFA Online can be accessed with the username and password you receive from the University at the time of your registration.
Most of the required documentation has to be presented to the SEMM Graduate Office, which will take care of delivering it to the “Ufficio dottorati” of the University of Milan (UNIMI).
For further assistance, please contact the SEMM students’ administrator.
To be registered in the PhD program, you need to fill out the registration form and deliver it to the SEMM Graduate Office.
At the time of the registration, students holding a foreign degree must have it recognized as equivalent to the Italian degree by the Scientific Committee of the School.
If the degree is released by a European University, you can ask for the Diploma Supplement, which most European Universities provide for recognition of the degree all over Europe.
If your University does not provide the Diploma Supplement, or if you hold a degree from an Extra-EU country, you have to provide the following documents:
  • Educational qualifications translated by an official translator and authenticated by the Italian Representative (Embassy or Consulate) in the country where you obtained the qualification;
  • Declaration of the value of the qualification in the country of origin, to be requested to the same Representative.

If you are entitled with a UNIMI fellowship you have also to register to the INPS (National Agency for the Social Welfare), and communicate the registration to the Fellowship Office of the University.
This procedure is detailed by the SEMM Graduate Office to the concerned students at the time of the registration.

Every year you need to renew your registration to the University. Renewal has to be done EXCLUSIVELY online, accessing through UNIMIA - Servizi SIFA - (SIFA services - Registration and enrolment services – Enrolment renewal).
The SEMM Graduate Office will send a reminder at the time of the renewal. To be allowed to proceed with the registration renewal, however, the SEMM Graduate Office will ask for a confirmation by your supervisor.
By 15 days after the official end of the PhD program, you need to submit the graduation request through the SIFA online.
If you intend to ask for an extension of your course, for a maximum of 1 year, during this step you are required to submit the postponement request ("domanda di differimento").
You can ask for a leave of absence for the following reasons:
  • Maternity
  • Familiar problems
  • Military service
  • Employment in public administration

The request is to be done by filling out a leave-of-absence form (available here). After the period of absence, you need to be registered again in the PhD program by presenting the appropriate form (available here).
One month before you intend to suspend your registration, you should inform the SEMM Graduate Office, which will provide the needed forms.

PhD students are allowed to spend a period of time abroad during their PhD program.
Along with the student’s request (available here), the approval of the coordinator is needed.
When you know the exact dates of your stay abroad, you should inform the SEMM Graduate Office, which will guide you through the correct procedure.
If you wish to withdraw from your PhD program, you have to present the withdrawal form (available here).
You should inform the SEMM Graduate Office of your intention to withdraw, which will guide you through the correct procedure.
As a PhD student registered with the University of Milan, you are covered by insurance for any accident will occur in the laboratory or on your way from/to the Institute, as well as any other authorized transfer from/to the institute.
In order to ask for the reimbursement of expenses related to an accident, there are forms to be filled out and certificates to be presented to the University office in charge:
Servizio e Prevenzione Sicurezza sul lavoro
Via Chiaravalle 11 20122 Milano

The referring person is:
Antonio Evoli
Ph. 02 503 13 488-83-85
Email: antonio.evoli [AT]

You will find more information and forms at the following link:

All the documents are in Italian. In case of need, please refer to the SEMM Graduate Office. In brief, the main steps to follow are:

  • Within 48 hours of the accident, you are requested to get a medical certificate from the emergency room or any doctor, with the description of the accident, diagnosis and prognosis.
  • To deliver the appropriate form and the certificate to the above-mentioned Office.
Students have the opportunity to spend their free time through activities organized by cultural and sport associations promoted by the University.
The UNIMI website in the section “STUDENTI – Vivere L’Università” contains information concerning students representatives, associations, cultural and sport activities.
The students associations are reachable at
The cultural and sport activities at: