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PhD Applications - HELP

You haven't received the registration email to proceed with the application?

  • Wait a little bit. Sometimes there can be delays in the email delivery.
  • The email you inserted might not be correct. In this case a message appears: "Your email address is not valid".
    Restart the procedure.
  • If nothing works, contact phd [AT]

The link included in the registration email doesn't work?

  • Try to copy and paste the address in the address bar.
  • If nothing works, contact phd [AT]

The system doesn't allow you to submit the application form?

  • Be sure you have filled out all the mandatory fields (they are marked with a *).
  • See the example as reference

You haven't received the confirmation email?

  • Wait a little bit. Sometimes there can be delays in the email delivery.
  • When you successfully submit an application form, a message appears confirming this. If you don't see this message, your application is still pending: access it and complete the missing information.
  • If nothing works, contact phd [AT] and we will send you the confirmation email.

After submission of your application form, you are not able to login?

  • Be sure that you inserted the password correctly.
  • The session is expired. Quit the browser (Firefox, Explorer, etc) and start again.
  • Insert your email address in the login section without password: a message will be displayed that allows to ask for a new password.

The referees didn't receive the reference request email?

  • The referee should check that the email has not been delivered to the spam folder.
  • The email address you inserted is not correct: use the third referee's field to provide the correct one.

The system does not allow me to upload the file of my diploma supplement.

  • Check the document is correctly saved as .pdf or .doc.
  • Check the document size. It MUST not exceed the 2MB.
  • Check that the connection you are using has an high data transfer rate.
  • Save the document in the correct format and reduce the size as much as possible (max 2MB).
  • Use a different connection.