Aside from its prominent educational activity and events, the SEMM also organises seminars.

These seminars empower discourse across its affiliated institutions, whilst also maximise the training of the SEMM PhD students and other team members.

The SEMM organises different seminars:

External SEMMinars

These External SEMMinars feature talks by leading international speakers.
The major aim of such SEMMinars is to bring together academic scientists, researchers and technicians to exchange ideas and insights, share their experiences and to network for collaboration on cancer.

PhD SEMMinar Series

PhD SEMMinars are seminars organised by PhD students for PhD Students and team members.
These SEMMinars offer to PhD students the possibility to:
- expand their network
- to be in direct contact with top scientists
- deepen knowledge of new research fields

A wide range of topics are covered by the different kind of SEMMinars:
- Bioethics
- Bioinformatics
- Clinical Science
- Genetic Diseases
- Genomic & Proteomics
- Immunology
- Molecular & Cellular Biology
- Molecular Oncology
- Neuroscience
- Structural Biology