SEMM wishes to appeal to the generosity and vision of private citizens and institutions that share its mission, and may wish to contribute.

How can I donate to SEMM Foundation?

a. Italian taxpayers can allocate their 5x1000 to third sector organizations registered to RUNTS of their choice, including SEMM, on their income tax return. 

5 x 1000

b. You can support the SEMM ETS Foundation and its educational and formative activities performing a payment on the following account:

BANCA PROSSIMA, INTESA SANPAOLO, entitled to the SEMM Foundation
IBAN: IT91R0306909606100000016223

For further information concerning donations, please contact:

SEMM Administrative Director
Laura Massardi
Via Adamello, 16 - 20139 Milan, Italy
+39 02 574 89 806
administrationoffice [AT]