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The SEMM organizes international events for the promotion of research and dissemination of results in relatively broad scientific areas such as Molecular Oncology, Molecular Medicine, Epigenomics, and Biomedical Humanities.

The SEMM considers the organization of such events a valuable instrument to:

  • publicise the latest updates on research
  • support the establishment of a network of high calibre researchers in different fields
  • foster the acquisition and distribution of a new scientific culture
  • encourage the creation in Europe of a critical mass of talents and knowledge for the advancement of Molecular Medicine
  • provide a meeting place where all the participants, PhD students, basic and clinical researchers or clinicians, can mix, exchange ideas and interact with outstanding guest speakers from all over the world
  • address a broader scientific community and focus on scientific collaboration and communication

These international events are held within the event facilities of the research centres of excellence in which the SEMM operates or external locations and include conferences, workshops, symposiums and theoretical/practical courses.



If you are interested in:

  • maximizing your presence
  • expanding your brand
  • spreading a new corporate message
  • building new contacts with delegates
  • meeting competitors and critical industry trends

SEMM can offer you different opportunities and benefits through its multidisciplinary events.

As a non-profit foundation, SEMM promotional opportunities are not tailored to make a profit, but they are used to cover event-related costs and to further reduce the registration fees and/or to create travel grants for young scientists.


For general information

, Event & Seminar Coordinator
SEMM Foundation
Via Adamello 16 - 20139 Milan, Italy
Phone: +39.02.94375037 - Fax: +39.02.57489937
Email: sabrina.frata [AT]

For administrative and financial details

LAURA MASSARDI, Administrative Director
SEMM Foundation
Via Adamello 16 - 20139 Milan, Italy
Phone: +39.02.57489806 - Fax: +39.02.57489937
Email: laura.massardi [AT]