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Study Plan


Each PhD student has a supervising team responsible for monitoring the student’s progress composed of:

- supervisor (head of the laboratory in which the student carries out his/her research project);
- internal advisor (SEMM faculty member);
- external advisor (international expert in the specific area of the research project).


Our training is intense and strongly interdisciplinary. The students are requested to attend courses, as well as workshops, meetings, seminars, symposia, retreats, congresses. Below you will find a quick overlook of the main activities scheduled in the 4 years.

Download here the students' handbook for more info


1st Year
Courses attendance January (see "Courses" page)  
Advisors' choice Second week of July
2nd Year
Courses attendance February (see "Courses" page)  
Meeting with external advisor January/March/April  
Probationary period report submission Last week of March  
Students' data club Along the year  
3rd Year
Public seminar Between February and May  
Third year report submission Last week of September  
Optional courses attendance Along the year (see "Courses" page)  
4th Year
Choice of examiners Second week of April  
Optional courses attendance Along the year (see "Courses" page)  
Student's report By 30 September  
Thesis submission 15 September - 15 October  
Thesis defense 15 October - 15 November  
University Final Exam Last week of January