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4th SIBBM Seminar "Frontiers in Molecular Biology" (in collaboration with SEMM, University of Milan and Fondazione Chiara D'Onofrio)

Event Date: 
Thursday, 15 May, 2008 to Saturday, 17 May, 2008
Event Location: 

Topics: regulatory RNAs, epigenetic control, chromatin modifications, transcription and disease

The meeting covered recent advances in research on genome regulation and transcription, from basic science to clinical applications. The meeting included broad lectures and invited talks directed at non-specialists and students. Talks selected from the submitted abstracts and poster sessions were specifically aimed at young scientists and were meant to foster discussions and exchange of ideas.


Marco Bianchi (Istituto Scientifico San Raffaele, Milan, Italy)

Francesco Blasi (IFOM-IEO Campus, Milan, Italy)

Roberto Mantovani (University of Milan, Milan, Italy)

Gioacchino Natoli (IFOM-IEO Campus, Milan, Italy)