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Requirements for admission

Second level academic degree

Laurea Specialistica, Master of Science in any subject relating to the research topics of the chosen curriculum.

Applicants must hold the degree at the time of the application, or expecting to receive it by 31 October of the application year.
According to the Italian system, Bachelor of Technology, MBBS and similar, are considered first level degrees and as such are not considered valid for admission to our PhD program.

B2-level English proficiency certification

Please note: due to the COVID-19 crisis, for the 2020 selection, admitted candidates will NOT be asked to provide the B2-level English proficiency certification. The English proficiency will be tested during the oral examination (which is totally held in English).

[In case of admission, applicants MUST submit the certification at the time of the enrolment (last week of September), on pain of exclusion. Certifications must include the four skills: Listening, Reading Speaking and Writing. We invite prospective applicants who do not have a valid certification, to carefully consider the time needed for the certificate to be issued.] NOT REQUESTED THIS YEAR


If you have still doubts on your eligibility to apply, please contact phd [AT] before submitting an application.